Airify is planning to revolutionize wireless communication by combining a multistandard cellular interface (supporting GSM, GPRS, EDGE) with wireless LAN (Bluetooth, 802.11x). A smart software routing algorithm will automatically configure the product to work with the best signal in any given area and route data packets over the best wireless channel. Using the Airify solution guarantees the most efficient use of existing wireless resources with an 'always-on' connection to the Internet.
The Airify solution combines a highly efficient vector processor array coupled with inexpensive flow controllers and a large code and data memory implemented in a direct access FLASH. The ability to work with multiple standards rests on a reconfigurable system bus as well as a flexible architectural implementation that allows software algorithms to be run at real-time speeds. Future versions of the chip will include WCDMA support and a proprietary mixed-signal interface, dramatically lowering the cost of a complete wireless solution. Airify is currently in the process of looking for partners among wireless manufacturers, especially mobile terminal companies looking to introduce the most technically advanced data-enabled cellular phones and laptop modems.
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